Title I holds annual Reading Under the Lights night

The field began filling with families as the night began.

The stadium lights shone on families sitting on blankets on the football field for a night of reading. On October 4th, the 2nd annual Reading Under the Lights event was held at the Jack LaMarca Stadium from 6:30 PM – 8 PM. Title I ran the event with special surprises for attending elementary students.

Students received two free books, one from their grade level and the other was What Should Danny Do?, which was read to the students by Stephanie Neal. Before their big surprise, students could make bookmarks and venture to the concession stand for chips and hot chocolate.

The Title I teachers contacted the authors of the book, Ganit and Adir Levy, who made a special Skype call to the students. After minor technical difficulties, there was excitement in the air as students listened to the authors explain the meaning behind the book.

“As humans, we have this really important power like Danny in the book. That is the power to choose,” Ganit Levy said. The book has nine different endings, which depend entirely on what the reader decides Danny should do.

“You get to learn both ways what happens…You always have that ability to turn your life around by making good choices,” Adir Levy said. He went on to explain that there is always more than one choice, and it is important for students to choose the one with a positive outcome.

Choruses of thank you ran through the kids before the authors signed off of the call. The Reading Under the Lights night started last year, and hopefully, it will be held again next year.