American Horror Story 1984: Is it worth watching?


"American Horror Story : Murder House" by Roberto Sánchez is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

Pop art done by Roberto Sanchéz for the first season of American Horror Story.

On September 18th, the ninth season of American Horror Story (AHS) premiered. This new season is set in 1984, hence the title, and is loosely based on the novel by George Orwell.

However, of course, AHS put their own twist on it. They added the infamous serial killer, Richard Ramierez, or the Night Stalker, to throw in a true crime element, which is something that AHS has never seen before.

This new take on the show pleased some of the viewers, but also didn’t sit well with a lot of the show’s original fans. When the first wave of trailers released, they weren’t impressed. Fan reviews said 1984 looked cheesy and off-brand. Although, after the first episode, when someone got murdered (nothing new), the committed fans were relieved to see that AHS didn’t change its old ways.

There was another argument among fans that long-time actors among the AHS franchize weren’t cast in 1984. AHS favorites like Evan Peters, Sarah Paulsen, and Jessica Lange all said they may not return for another season.

Overall, American Horror Story: 1984 has been a wild, scary ride these past few weeks. This season, so far, has been worth watching; however, it can never compete with its past seasons. The shows first 8 seasons are on Netflix, and the ninth installment airs Wednesday nights at 10 PM on FX.