Why you should trust your teachers

Mainly, a teacher’s job is to help you learn, however they do so much more.

Teachers do a lot for their students. They not only teach, they create, assign and grade all of the work. They try to make sure that each student is understanding the concepts being taught in class. Many teachers take time out of their day to build support networks for students.

Some students will often go to the teachers that they trust for advice and support. Many teachers in the building are willing to help out their students and give advice. Every year in the yearbook, there is a section for the teachers who are “most likely to give advice”. However, they aren’t the only people to go to. Anyone in this school will usually be willing to help out with any struggle that you’re dealing with.

Students often get greenslips to go see teachers, most often to make up work, but sometimes just to talk to them or to get out of their normal environments.

It’s very true that one teacher may not seem as friendly as the next. Sometimes, looks don’t matter. They should never matter. What’s inside their hearts is what matters most.

As I walk through the halls throughout the day and see some of my favorite teachers, I watch others cower away in fear of them. They may look intimidating and scary, but they aren’t. It’s similar to the stereotype of pitbulls.

No matter what, there’s no reason not to trust your teachers.

Even if you believe they’ve done something wrong to you in the past, you should always give second chances. You have to treat them as you would like to be treated. An old saying, but a simple one that should always hold true.

Sometimes, it’s best to let the past be the past.

I can speak from personal experience that teachers are trustworthy. It’s their job to keep what you say confidential unless you are possibly posing a threat to yourself or others.

For the longest time, I was too afraid to go talk to a teacher, or anybody for that matter. I needed help, but I was too shy. One day, I just got the courage to talk, and it made me realize that it’s not so intimidating after all. Opening up about my life to others felt like a weight off of my shoulders. Did it get me in a mental hospital? Yes. Do I regret it? Not at all. I still talk to my teachers when I’m stressed, or when I just want to get something off of my mind. I’ve learned to trust my teachers, and it’s brought me so much closer to them.

Even if you are shy to start, it will help you come out of your shell. I know it helped me with that a lot.

Overall, trusting your teachers could potentially benefit you, not necessarily boost your grade, but create a bond that none other could have. You learn from them, and they in turn learn from you.