PAHS to hold first ever musical this winter

New to the 2019-2020 school year, the chorus and dramatics club are conjoining to produce the first ever musical coming to PAHS. Chorus students Timmy Simmons and Charli Smith spoke to Mrs. Erin Knepper and Miss Lisa McMeekin about doing a musical rather than a play this year. At the end of last school year, the students in both the clubs voted yes.

Along with the students, after the music showcase in the spring, the public wanted to see these kids perform. So, Mrs. Knepper and Miss McMeekin decided to combine the budgets of the two clubs and put on a never-before seen musical: The Addams Family.

McMeekin said auditions for the musical will be held the week of Halloween, how fitting! The three days of auditions, which are open to anyone in the school, are Monday, October 28th, Tuesday, October 29th, and if necessary, Wednesday, October 30th.

Monday’s auditions will be for anyone interested in singing with the ensemble. Performers will dance with a large group, sing with a group, and nothing will be done solo.

However, on Tuesday, they will be holding character auditions. For this, performers will learn choreography with a group. They will also sing a musical piece of their choice, and recite a monologue of their choice, both done solo. If there are some tough decisions, the directors will hold callbacks on Wednesday.

“As a club, we want to be more active. We want to connect with the community, “ said Miss McMeekin.

Overall, the students said they are more than excited to perform this musical for the school. Get ready to meet the new and improved Addams family!