Oh where, oh where have the office helpers gone?

Oh where, oh where have the office helpers gone? For years, students in the school have sat in the front of the office and helped with daily errands. However, new to the 2019-2020 school year, office helpers were cut.

Principal Jeff Long said that office helpers were mainly cut due to confidentiality. “You wouldn’t want someone knowing all of your private information,” Long added.

The office helpers often checked students in with excuses and doctors appointments, revealing personal information. According to Long, this was an issue. On the contrary, Kelly Surkala, transportation and office secretary, said this was never a problem.

“The students knew what not to tell others about,” Surkala added.

Surkala and office secretary, LuAnn Poole, said they both agreed that it was easier in the office with the helpers. They also agreed with the fact that the office helpers were fun to have and talk to. Previous office helper, Murphy White, added to this statement saying that she enjoyed working in the office. White said she never felt like she was intruding on conversations, or being revealed students’ personal information.

Mr. Long said that he would consider bringing the office helpers back, if they had a different place to sit. LuAnn Poole, Patti Falara, and Kelly Surkala said they are still thriving in the office despite the help. Possibly in the coming years, office helpers will return.