Senior class comes together and paints their parking spots

On Sunday, September 15th, members of the senior class gathered together for the first annual painting of the senior parking spots.

Seniors with a parking spot in the back lot had the option to pay 10 dollars to paint their parking spot however they desired, as long as their design is deemed to be school appropriate.

Principal Jeff Long explained this new senior activity came from a suggestion from a school climate improvement meeting. Abby Gemmell, who was the class of 2019’s president, also pushed for seniors to have the ability to paint their spot last year. However, due to this being approved in the winter, this school year was the first year the seniors would be able to paint their spots.

Maddi Stonbraker was one senior who participated. Her parking spot design contains the quote, “I see 2020,” and is adorned with a pair of glasses and included the logo of the University of Pittsburgh. “I thought it was fun,” Stonbraker said. “It’s like a big canvas.” She said she believes it will increase school pride, especially in the upcoming years. She said that more seniors will do it every year and it will become a new senior tradition.

Long said he agrees that this will be something for seniors to look forward to, and says that this is certainly something that will continue in the future.

The painted parking spots were kept to the back parking lots in order to preserve them. By doing this, Long said it will prevent them from getting worn out from being parked on, since this is the least used parking lot.

After the school year is over, a maintenance crew will prepare the parking lot for the next batch of seniors. The 10 dollar fee each senior gave will go into paying the maintenance crew’s overtime of power washing the paint off of the parking lot, returning it to normal.