PAHS Spring Sports


Owen Conrad, Writer

“If we didn’t already have a target on our back, we do now.”


This statement came from Mike Dickey, head coach of the PAHS baseball team after being asked about the new season ahead.


Spring sports are starting again this year at PAHS. With official practices started on Monday, March 6, preparations are already underway. 


The list of spring sports offered at PAHS includes Boys Baseball 9-12, Girls Softball 9-12, Boys Tennis 9-12, and Boys/Girls Track and Field 7-12. Boys and Girls golf is also offered later in the springtime months.


“I am proud of what we could do last year, but that’s over now,” head coach Mike Dickey said. After an excellent 2022 season, the team is looking forward to the new year. In only a few weeks, the baseball and softball teams will be playing their first games.


The PAHS boys golf team is always looking to improve. “I think we would improve if we had more players that practiced in the offseason and started golfing earlier in the season,” player Noah Kengersky said. “Playing in the off season is one of the best ways for us to improve,” Kengersky said.


In the coming weeks, PAHS teams will be playing their first games of the season. With all of the preparation, they will be ready.