Reopening of Historic Downtown Building


Street view of the soon to be Shadow Hotel.

Breanna DeLarme

Jerry Duffel, part owner of the soon to be Shadow Hotel, recently met with members of the Punxsutawney Borough Council committee on December fifth of 2022. Duffel, of Speakeasy Enterprises, LLC, brought up changes he would like to make to the exterior of the old Pantall building. 

“We’re hoping to change the main entrance, which is located on East Mahoning Street;we want to change it to the side entrance on South Jefferson Street,” Duffel said.(Punxsutawney Spirit) 

The news of the former Pantall hotel’s purchase broke in August of 2020. The new owners publicly announced their decision to rename the hotel, “The Shadow Hotel”, in May of last year. Citizens interested in learning more about the building’s history or the renovation’s progress, can visit their website,

The Pantall Hotel was originally built in 1888 by Theo Pantall and was renovated in 1970 by Thomas Barletta and his brother. There were originally 64 hotel rooms and a stable to accommodate the guests’ horses. In 1983 the Rooftop banquet hall was added. 

Over the past few months, the new owners have continuously appeared before the Punxsy Borough council with requests for changes. Along with the previously mentioned changes regarding the main entrance of the hotel, Duffel presented ideas such as automatic doors and different parking options. 

Members of the community have expressed their feelings about the hotel. Although many are glad that something is being done with the town’s historic building, they believe, just like any other new addition, it will take business from other hotels in the area, especially on Groundhog’s Day.  

“It’s a nice gesture to restore a piece of property that is historical to Punxsutawney”. But I think a lot of people out there feel it was a waste of money.” PAHS sophomore Kahli Reddinger explained 

When asked if they believed the new Shadow Hotel will be a good thing for the town, many responded with a positive take. 

“I think it’s great because it’s a really big piece of downtown so if we don’t do anything with it, it will be almost a waste of space. It definitely makes it more accessible for anybody to stay somewhere in town when they’re here, and opens up more places to stay during Groundhog Day.” PAHS teacher Christina Young said

“It was a part of our original town structure, it was a big thing back in the day so when it reopens I think it will be cool, not only for the older people to see the new version of it but also the younger generation to get a taste of what it was and what it could be. I also think it could be a tourist attraction for the town because so many people stayed in the old Pantall, they might want to come just to see the new version.” PAHS senior Kaylee Guidice said

According to the hotel’s new website, there is no definite date set for its opening. However the rooftop and bar are expected to open late 2023. The bar/lounge will be twice as large as it once was. 

Along with the changes, the hotel rooms were enlarged and will be completely modern with the latest furnishings. When they open, there will be a total of forty-two rooms. Additionally, the new restaurant will be positioned in the front of the building. With all of the changes that need to be made and reconstruction of the building itself, it’s understandable that there isn’t a set timeline for the completion. 

“When we took formal pictures there, it was still under very heavy construction so we had to clear out some parts so we could walk around and see everything. The parts that were clean were rustic brick looking walls which I think is cool.” Guidice said

The overall consensus of the new Shadow Hotel is optimistic and hopeful for a great addition to our town.