2023 Variety Show is having everyone on the edge of their seat.


Jordan Hicks and Lexi Poole about to go on stage for there Variety Show skit.

Brynn Hicks

What do you think the variety show will be like this year? The Punxsutawney High School senior class has been putting on skits for students and families to watch for years now. 

They are known for giving comedy acts and giving everyone a good laugh. The director of the Variety Show Ms. Good says, “Even though not started yet the class has lots of promise and unique perspectives”. 

They also are known for their Variety Show fudge. Our cooking teacher Mrs Pack says, “We get the fudge from Stella Bella’s so we just have to package it, but it is just as good.” From the sounds of it the fudge will taste spectacular as always.

Our MC’s play a big role in how the Variety Show plays out. So one of our MC’s, Brooke Skarbeck says, “The show will be filled with comedy and lots of laughs.” Another Mc, Camryn Cary says, “The skits in the show will make you laugh and have a good time.”  

Based on all of these reviews it sounds like we are going to have a great time at the Variety Show this year. The Variety Show  of 2023 will be held on March 10th 2023. We hope you will come check it out for yourself. It’s a show you wouldn’t want to miss.