Records Being Broke at PAHS


Emily Bussard

The 4×400 teams holding the current Indoor Track and Field school records for PAHS.

Do you know anyone who has broken a record? Well, two indoor track relay records for PAHS were broken this year at Edinboro University. It takes hard work to achieve, but the girls 4×400 relay and the boys 4×400 relay did it. 

The boys 4×400 broke the record of 3:39 from 2006 with a time of 3:36.71 on February 18th, 2023. The most exciting part of this experience for Alex Momyer was, “watching Garrett come across the finish line’ and the thing that made him most nervous, “ it was my last chance to break the record before I graduate.” Coach John Snyder said the boys team had “worked very hard”. 

The girls 4×400 team broke the old record of 4:34.38 from 2006 with their time of 4:29.82 on January 21, 2023. Taylor Bair says, “It was a really memorable experience and I got to accomplish it with the best girls.” After the race she says, “My team hugged and we all were just really proud of ourselves.” They worked very hard to beat this record so early on in the season. 

To find out more information about how the coaches were feeling Coach Snyder was interviewed. He says, “I thought it was really nice to have them finally make it to championships and the records stood for a long time. I remember the people who set the records. Records meant to be broken.” 

These teams worked very hard to beat these old records that both had been standing for 17 years. Many members of PAHS Indoor Track this year had made it into the record book, and hopefully more records will be broken next season.