Chloe Presloid Breaks School Record



Chloe Presloid dribbling around her defenders during a game.

Kendall Couser, Writer

Punxsy Girl’s Basketball Captain, Chloe Presloid, has recently broken the boy’s and girl’s single game 3 pointers record.

Before breaking the record, the holder was Sam Reitz with 7 three pointers and Colby Mumua held the boy’s record with 8 three pointers. Chloe now holds the record with 9 three pointers.

Chloe has been dedicated and worked hard this season, which paid off.

Presloid stated, “I’ve worked a lot on my shot this season. I’ve played a lot of basketball the past few years, year round, to prepare me for every season.”

Not even knowing anything about the record, Chloe was very surprised to hear that she broke it, but she was happy about it.

Presloid didn’t even have this record in mind to break.

She stated, “My goal this season is to get 1,000 points, which I am close to, but this achievement came along with my other goals.”

Presloid has had a lot of support throughout her high school career from family, friends, coaches, teammates, and her peers.

Chloe stated, “They’ve been very encouraging and helpful to my development as a player.”

This accomplishment shows Chloe’s hard work, dedication, and support she has had within the sport.

Chloe stated, “It’s an honor to have this record. This record doesn’t define me as a player, but defines my team on how unselfish and supportive they are. I couldn’t have accomplished this without them.”