How to Catch a Fairy

Abby Smith

Whether you want a fairy, or just want to look closer at these fascinating insects. Catching a fairy can be dangerous, but by taking basic precautions, you can catch one minimal danger.

1. Find a box that you can use as a trap.
You can catch a fairy using a tin with a lid, box
You can catch a fairy with any size of box. Find one to use as a lid.
• Make sure your box is big enough for how ever many fairies you want to catch.

2. Decorate the box to look like a fairy house. This is simply just to trick the fairy inside.
• Make sure if you put windows they have something on them so the fairy can’t get out.
• Put something on the door so when the fairy goes in it won’t be able to get out.
• Find something to put on the top keep the lid on.

3. Take the box inside when your down with it. Do this in a shady, non-windy spot.
• Make sure to put it somewhere that it won’t blow away.
• Put a path of something bright so they see it and get curious to what it is.
• Put it somewhere with tall grass so no one or thing tries to mess with it.

4. Use some type of container with a lid to put it in. If you give the fairy some glitter it might stay around your house and invite some friends.

That’s how to catch a fairy!