How unique is your favorite Christmas tradition?

Kylee Smith and Cheyenne Swatsworth



What’s your favorite Christmas tradition? We interviewed several different students and teachers at PAHS and got all kinds of different responses. Many of our received answers were common but some were very unique. 

When asked what their favorite Christmas traditions were, Harry Yoder and Landon Wasicki responded with “opening presents”. This is a very common tradition that almost everyone looks forward to on Christmas morning. Seeing all the presents that Santa brought is especially exciting for younger kids when they still believe. 

Another very common Christmas tradition is family dinners. Mrs Lieb told us that she likes to go to her grandma’s house to eat Stromboli. Nick Wisnesky and Eve Bennett also said they enjoy going to family dinners at grandma’s house but they don’t eat the same things.

Bennett said her family does a seafood boil. 

“It’s divinely delicious and my family doesn’t talk because they’re stuffing their faces. It’s the most blissful silence ever!” says Bennett. 

Mr. Divins said he loves going to his sister’s house for her holiday games. He talked to us about a Saran Wrap that his sister does. He said she wraps lottery tickets in Saran Wrap and makes a giant ball, then they have to try to unwrap everything. “I usually end up ripping most of them in half because I’m in such a hurry.” said Div.

We think that having traditions and passing them down through generations is a good thing because it helps bring family together and creates many magical memories.