Sweet Treats and Cookie Sheets


Double mint chocolate chip cookies

Emily Wisnesky, Writer

How many teens are able to run their own business, do well in school, and participate in extracurriculars? Not many. Somehow, Ariah Drum—a senior at PAHS—manages to do all three off these and still finds time to practice her faith, spend time with family, and hangout with friends. 

Drum has been the owner of her cookie business, Bliss in a Bite Bakery, since August of 2020, when she decided that she could take it to a different level. Since opening Drum reports that she typically dedicates 10-15 hours per week to her work. 

It’s currently one of the busiest times of the year for buying sweets: Christmas. Not only do cookie orders increase, but so does the onslaught of questions about new holiday flavors. Some of Bliss in a Bite’s most popular Christmas cookies include peppermint chocolate, peanut butter blossom, and pecan snowball.

Although it is hard work, there are plenty of perks to owning your own business. Her favorite part, Drum says, “is being able to be a leader.” There also comes the fun of testing the products…Drum says that double chocolate chip is her personal favorite. 

Bliss in a Bite Bakery began on Facebook. When Drum moved to Punxsutawney, she had the idea to use free samples as a way to bring attention to her business. Since using that tactic, students have been Drum’s most frequent customers. 

Entrepreneurship requires lots of strategy and planning. Drum felt the weight of how important these principles are when, just a month after opening, she received and order for twelve dozen wedding cookies. Since then, she’s acquired a valuable skill: time management. 

Drum advises other teens looking to start their own business, “Don’t be afraid to talk to people you haven’t before [and] get good at organization.” To further her skills and grow her small company, the baker says that she has done lots of adjusting to her schedule and spent plenty of time watching YouTube baking channels. 

Drum’s main platform is on Instagram, where you can find her at @blissinabite_bakery. To order cookies, you can message/text her or talk to her in school!