Punxsy Chuck Cheerleaders preparing for their 2022-2023 Competition Season


Makenzie Clontz

This year the girls are working hard everyday, preparing for upcoming basketball games, and conditioning all while practicing for their competitions. Here are a few pictures of their highlights of this season so far.

In the middle, Piper Petroff is preparing to flip out of the “Lib” helping her, is Abbie Blair and Kylee Smith.
Working on the newest parts of the pyramid, Kylee is practicing a “Hitch.”
The girls are working on perfecting the timing and height of their jumps.
Abbie Blair flying in a “Basket Toss”
Piper Petroff flying a “Lib” her bases are Eve Bennett and Riley Schaffer.
Abbie Blair holding an “Arabesque” her bases are Madi Kanouff  and Audrey Johnson.
Kylee Smith flying in a Lib, her bases are Brianna-Fronk-Sunderlin and Kirsten Morrow