PAHS Swims Into Powder Puff


Emily Bussard

The start of the PAHS Powder Puff game between the Shark Seniors and the Jellyfish Juniors.

The Punxsutawney Area High School’s 2022 Powder Puff game ended on a close call between the Shark Seniors and the Jellyfish Juniors. On November 10th, 2022 at 6:00 pm PAHS held their Powder Puff game between the juniors and the seniors. Not only was this a football game, but also a crowning of the Powder Puff king and prince. This year’s Powder Puff king, Ben Gifford, and the prince, Griffin Barrick, was announced at half time before the amazing cheerleading performances. This game is also raised money for Make-A-Wish and the Clearfield Jefferson Drug and Alcohol Commission by selling baskets in a basket raffle, they raised $4,721.81 that will be spilt between the two organizations. This intense game was commentated by Aiden Cameron and Noah Greenblatt. The final score of 13-12 meant the juniors lost by one point in the last few seconds of the game. 

The winning team, the Shark Seniors, consisted of Lexi Poole, Rebekah Miller, Olivia Bish, Lauren Brauer, Kaylee Guidice, Sydney Hoffman, Chloe Presloid, Catherine Fuller, Maisie Eberhart, Piper Petroff, Kaylee Blair, Camryn Cary, Ashlynn Catarouche, Brooke Skarbek, Bailee Stello, Sydnee Haines, Kaylin Smith, Bailey Bush, Nikita Shumaker, Kaitlin Shaffer, Jayden Getch, Morgan Riggie, Karli Young, Jordann Hicks, and Amara Buffington. They were coached by PAHS teacher Danielle O’Leath and students Jared Meeks, Seth Moore, Justin Miller, Zeke Bennett, Quinton Voelkel, and Griffin Barrick . They were cheered on by Alex Momyer, Isaac Greenblatt, Bryce Horne, Brice Rowan, Ryen Heigley, Dawson Neufeld, Jake Henretta, Josh Tyger, Zach Schiel, and Grant Miller. When Sydnee Haines was asked about her favorite part fo the game she responded, “I liked everything, the whole game in general.”

The losing team, the Jellyfish Juniors, were coached by PAHS teacher Lisa McMeekin and students Noah Weaver, Zach Presloid, Mason Nesbitt, Luke Miller, Kolton Koppenhaver, and Landon Martz. They coached the team’s players Katherine Crago, Jacinda Gigliotti, Rachael Porada, Kolsee Perry, Riley Doverspike, Emily Dobbins, Kylie Diem, Danielle Griebel, Evie Lott, Bella Gigliotti, Kylee Smith, Olivia Burkett, Emily Pearce, Taylor Weaver, Olivia London, Eve Bennett, Shayna Smith, Breanna DeLarme, Abagail Blair, Kendall Couser, Audrey Johnson, Laci Poole, Madelyn Martino, Charlee Meko, Mikayla Harris, Paige Zeok, Emily McMahan, Hannah Surkala, Ciara Toven, Dannika Brocious, Bella Kunselman, Michaela Rentko, and Zoey Hoover. Even though this team didn’t win they were still cheered on by their cheerleaders Ethan Curry, David Kunselman, Dominic Johns, Michael Setree, Nick Motter, Aiden Shaffer, Dysen Gould, and Noah Greenblatt. Olivia London says her favorite part of the game was, “Getting to talk to new people.”