PAHS Student Body Spreads Awareness for Down Syndrome and Breast Cancer


Abby Smith, Writer

      On Friday, October 14, the PAHS student body represented Down Syndrome and Breast Cancer Awareness at the home winning football game against Monateau. The Punxsy Cheerleaders wore Down Syndrome Awareness shirts and used pink Pom Poms for Breast Cancer. They decorated the stadium with posters and streamers to spread some awareness. Some of the football players wore pink socks and the student section theme was pink out, in support of breast cancer awareness.

The cheer team wanted to support a team member and coach by wearing the shirts for Down Syndrome. 

Coach Kara Leslie commented on the topic, “For the girls on the cheer team, I believe they united to bring awareness to Down Syndrome and breast cancer because people they care for have been impacted by them. Each girl on the team has her own reasoning behind their support, but all-in-all, they are a team united in bringing the community together in meaningful ways.” 

Leslie also said, “For me, I think it’s important to support those around you and uplift the people you love. By bringing awareness to Down Syndrome and breast cancer, it’s like we’re saying, I’m here for you. I want to support you and be your friend, a person you can turn to.”

Leslie added, “It’s important for us to remember that people are people, and we need to be a community that works towards understanding, supporting, and loving one another no matter what the circumstances.” 

This tribute to the girls for Down Syndrome and Breast Cancer awareness meant a lot to everyone that has been involved. It was an amazing thing to do and really showed how much people care.