Bring Your Bible to School Day, What Was It About?

Bring Your Bible to School Day, What Was It About?

Punxsutawney Area High School joined 50,000 other schools on October 6, 2022. 


Focus on the Family, said “590,327 students brought their bibles to school last year and represented 50,000 different schools nationwide” 


National Today, a news site, said “In 2014, Focus on the Family, an American Christian organization that helps consult families and offer resources for those of the Christian religion, founded this day to encourage students to bring their bibles to school as a right of their freedom of speech and religion.” 


Each year, all around the nation, students bring their bibles to school. Even students at Punxsutawney Area High School brought their Bibles. Students who are part of Bible Club and The Way Youth Group, counting me, found out about this and participated. Although many of us did not get asked about our bibles, Emma Young, eighth grader, and Phoenix Johnston, seventh grader, did. 


Phoenix said, “he asked about why I had my bible and I told him it’s Bring Your Bible to School Day”. 


Phoenix brought his bible for two reasons “I was asked to and to spread the gospel”. 


Emma said, “the girl asked me if I recommend the book (bible) and I said yes. She said “should I read it” and I (Emma) said “that I highly recommend it” and she said, “I need you to help me” so I said, “tell me when’”. 


Emma brought her bible to “spread God’s word”. 


Although Kylee Smith, Junior, did not get asked about her bible on Bring Your Bible to School Day she said, “ I think it opened (shared) the Bible with other kids” 


Many kids like Kylee, Phoenix and Emma, all think that it left an impact. While it did on some, like the kids that talked to Phoenix and Emma, it didn’t impact everyone. 


Layla Fyock, Junior who did not bring her bible, said, “ I don’t think it really left an impact. I didn’t see anyone with their bibles, I think if more people brought them than it might’ve left an impact”.  Layla also said, “I thought it was cool(kids bringing their bibles), like good for you guys”. 


Chance Butcher, Senior and non-Christian, said, “I don’t think it left an impact…it’s the dumbest thing I’ve heard of”. 


Along with only impacting some people, it also impacted in many different ways. 


Phil Shenkle, Bible Club Adviser, said, “I think it lets a lot of students know that there are a lot of students that take their faith very seriously”. Mr. Shenkle also said, “I think it left an impact, certainly on the ones (students) that did it”


Nicole McDivitt and Kelly Skarbek, The Way Youth Group Leaders, said,“The impact is great on the school. I feel the kids are in fact being more bold and courageous with their faith. Showing the world that we need Jesus in our lives and we are not afraid to show it”


For those students who it did impact and the ones that it impacted but never said anything it was a seed planted. 


“Yes we feel it left an impact on some even if they didn’t see it. We know that is how our God works, it doesn’t have to be (show an impact) right away, it is a seed planted it will grow later on in life”, said McDivitt and Skarbek


Just because you didn’t get asked about Jesus on Bring Your Bible to School Day does not mean that you didn’t help leave an impact. Many people will be too shy to ask about the Bible or God. However, seeing you carry the Bible and acting Christ-Like(Ephesians 4:22-24, 5:1-2) will help them be less shy for the next time they have a question about it. 


You do not have to wait till next October to bring your bible to school and tell people about Jesus. You can now. 


Like Fyock said, “I think if more people brought them than it might’ve left an impact”. 


I’m not saying that you need to bring your bible everyday, if you do that’s great, but try and do things like reading it instead of looking at instagram during your free time, bring it once a week or even telling someone what God has done in your life. Over time you will plant more seeds that will grow in people’s lives. 


“We hope it does spread awareness by those kids who brought their bibles, that next year there will be more and more and they bring their friends to youth group and to church, and they will tell them about what God has done to their lives”, said McDivitt.