Keeping Up With Key Club

Join in on Key Club’s excitement!


Emily Bussard

Key Club members members at the 2022 Key Club Convention in State College, PA.

“People are not your most important asset. The right people are.” – Jim Collins. As the 2023 school year starts and clubs begin to start back up there’s one problem, lack of the “right people”. Key Club is an international club that is all for doing good in communities. With projects like elementary dances to bell ringing for Salvation Army, Key Club is never boring. There’s many exciting things to do when it comes to helping out the community. PAHS Key Club could use help in this upcoming school year, they need more people committed to helping out the community. The 2022-2023 Key Club officers include Olivia Bish, Isabella Gigliotti, Taylor Bair, Emily Bussard, and Lydia Miller.

Punxsutawney High School  senior Olivia Bish is the current Key Club President. “This years officers have many great service project ideas that I am excited for our club to participate in,” said Bish. She then stated, “Key Club is so much fun! If you enjoy doing good for others, you should definitely join!”PAHS junior Isabella Gigliotti is the current Key Club Vice President. When asked about the most exciting thing she’s done in the club Gigliotti said, “One of the most exciting things I’ve done in Key Club is go to convention last year. I had a ton of fun learning about other schools’ clubs, what they do, and getting ideas for what we can do in our school.” The clubs current secretary is sophomore Taylor Bair. “ I think that people should join Key Club because it is a club that focuses on helping people in a fun way. People get to volunteer and help people around there school and community but in a non-boring way,” said Bair. The clubs treasurer is sophomore Emily Bussard, also the writer of this article. “I think an article about Key Club telling everyone about everything we do will show people how enjoyable it is,” said Bussard. This school years editor and webmaster of the cub is sophomore Lydia Miller. When asked why she wanted to become an officer for the club this year Miller answered, “I really love the club and it is something that I am really interested in being part of for the rest of high school.”

Many people apart of this club have an enjoyable time and love every second of being in Key Club. Jalynn Waroquier expressed her thoughts by saying, “I think Key Club doesn’t take up enough time and there should be more meetings!” Key Club week is the week of November 7th, so get ready for some fun spirit days and come join the club at their next meeting on November 1st.