Lady Chucks hold annual Dig Pink game



Lady Chucks wear their Dig Pink shirts and pose as a ribbon for breast cancer awareness.

Kendall Couser, Writer

On Wednesday, October 12, the Punxsutawney Lady Chucks volleyball team held their annual Dig Pink game to raise money for Lisa’s Ladybugs. Not only did they raise $4,376 for Lisa’s Ladybugs, they also had a winning game against Clarion Limestone.

The girls worked hard on the court, the first set had them at a loss, losing 19-25. However, the girls pushed back and won their second set 25-19, their third set 25-20, and their fourth set 27-25.

When asked about the preparation for the game, senior Lexi Poole said “While we were warming up we just kind of watched them as they practiced. We saw what they were doing and what to look out for. We have played them before so we kind of knew what to expect but we couldn’t fully compare them because they didn’t have their starting setter before.”

The girls lost their first set. Poole said “Our serve receive was bad the first set, I thought I was doing horrible.”

The team came back and won their last three. Poole said, “We started filling in our holes that we didn’t have filled in the first set. The middle of the court has always been really open so we started to cover that more and not let as many balls drop in there.”

Senior, Morgan Riggie, commented on their opponent and how they played against them. “Clarion Limestone had a lot of holes in their front row and they were very messy. It was very open so I tipped the ball a few times. I think we did pretty good in this game.”

Both teams, Punxsy and Clarion Limestone, worked hard and challenged each other in this game. It was a nice game for the Lady Chucks, not only getting to celebrate their victory but being able to raise money for charities.