Student Council Excited for New School Year


PAHS Student Council is looking forward to a new year. With four recently-elected officers in grades 9-12, the student council is ready to start the year strong. The student council has many ideas and wants to make this year exciting for everyone at PAHS.

The student council is planning many different events for this year. Some of the most important events planned are, a homecoming dance, a winter formal dance, powderpuff football, powderbuff volleyball, spirit days, and a club fair. 

According to Executive Board President Dawson Neufeld, the most important event so far is the homecoming dance planned for Saturday, October 1. Senior class President Alex Momyer will be in charge of homecoming events this week and then senior graduation events towards the end of the school year.

A club fair will also be planned soon to increase the amount of students participating in clubs. PAHS offers many clubs such as Bible Club, Key Club, and Foreign Language Club. At the club fair, students will be encouraged to join one or more of these clubs.

The number of members in the council almost doubled this year. “The student council grew from 25 members to about 50 members this year,” Senior class Vice President Kaylee Guidice stated.

An increase in members could allow for more school events to be planned. Guidice also added that school dances are the largest source of revenue for the council. The council uses revenue to pay for assemblies and school-wide events.

Thinking about joining the PAHS student council? Neufeld explained that to join student council, you must be in 9-12th grade, have a 85% grade average, and complete a petition requiring 50 signatures from other students. Student council holds meetings every Friday in room 130.

“If you want to be a leader, student council is the place for you,” said Momyer.