Homecoming Court to be Crowned for a Night in Neverland


Kendall Couser

The 2022 Homecoming Queen’s Court (from left to right) Kaylee Guidice, Sydney Hoffman, Chloe Presloid, Jordann Hicks, Olivia Bish, and Brooke Skarbek pose in the school courtyard.

Kendall Couser and Abby Smith

It’s that time again at Punxsutawney High School. The Homecoming Queen will be crowned on tonight during halftime at the varsity football game. Jordann Hicks, Chloe Presloid, Olivia Bish, Kaylee Guidice, Brooke Skarbek, and Sydney Hoffman were nominated for Homecoming Queen’s Court by this year’s senior class.

The senior class voted for six girls that they wanted to be on the court; the following day they picked six from the top 12 girls that were voted. The final results were announced later that day.

Chloe Presloid, daughter of John and Patricia Presloid, has been involved in Basketball, Tennis, Student Council, Student Ambassador, Bible Club, Varsity Club, Ski Club, Foreign Language Club, AmeriCorps, Powder Puff, and Powder Buff. She holds most of her honors in her high school basketball career, including District Freshman of the Year, League Rookie of the Year, District 9 All-Star Team, League MVP, League Defensive player of the Year, and two district championship titles.

“I get to have a lot of school spirit included with all the sports and activities that I am included in. I get to fundraise a lot and I get to have a lot of opportunities to do fun things in the school,” Presloid said.

Presloid’s future plans are to go to college to be a Physical Therapist. “I’m super excited to help others with rehab and see the process of helping others,” she said.

Presloid said that it is an honor to be on Homecoming Court. “It’s a really great opportunity for all of us to get a chance to be on it,” she said.

Presloid’s escort is Justin Miller.

Olivia Bish, the daughter of Dave Bish and Mindy Smith, has been active in Key Club, Foreign Language Club, Soccer, Indoor Track, Outdoor Track, Choir, Powder Puff, and Powder Buff. Some of Bish’s honors and accomplishments include National Honor Society, Miles for Smiles, bell ringing for the Salvation Army, and she is currently serving as President of Key Club.

“I just like spending time with people and I don’t want to be set on just one group of people, I like talking to everybody. I’ve been doing soccer, basically forever. I love playing and I love the competition of it and being a team,” Bish said.

Her future plans are to become a Dental Hygienist. She stated that she is excited to get out of Punxsy to see other things. “I was job shadowing and I liked the idea of being a dental hygienist,” she said.

Bish stated that she was very shy before high school but getting involved with more activities allowed her to open up. “I think it’s just exciting that people would pick me, it makes me feel like I’m liked by other people,” she said.

Bish’s escort is Noah Weaver.

Jordann Hicks, daughter of Daniel and Kasie Hicks, has been involved in Bible Club, Foreign Language Club, Varsity Club, Yearbook, Cross Country, Indoor Track, Outdoor Track, Basketball, and Powder Puff. Some of her accomplishments and honors include Cross Country state qualifier, Yearbook secretary, Cross Country secretary, Indoor Track secretary and High Honor Roll.

“They are just fun. it’s fun to be in sports and clubs. It gives me something to do. I’m never bored. Sometimes it’s a little stressful, but I’m never bored,” Hicks stated.

Her future plans involve going onto college to become a kindergarten teacher. She said loves little kids.

“I’m excited about all of it, I want to go to college, I’m excited about college. I feel like it’s going to be so much fun. I just want to be a teacher,” Hicks said.

Hicks stated that, for her, getting on Homecoming Court makes you look like a good leader and that you are active within the school. “It makes me feel kind of proud. It makes me feel good. I try to be nice to everybody so it kind of makes me feel like what I’ve been doing is right,” she said.

Hicks’ escort is Evan Groce.

Sydney Hoffman, daughter of Crystal and Jeff Hoffman, is currently a member of High Honor Roll, and NHS. Her honors and recognitions include High honor roll, and NHS. She is a part of Americorps for the community.

Hoffman said she likes being involved in extracurricular activities.

“I get to hang out with friends and do thing with other people, and I feel like it’s a big part of the high school experience,” Hoffman said.

Hoffman is also a part of Volleyball 9-12, Softball 9-10, Foreign Language Club, Ski Club, Varsity Club, Bible Club, Science Club and AmeriCorps.

Hoffman plans to obtain a degree in dietetics and nutrition or education. “I’m excited to get to go to college and experience what it’s like,” she said. She enjoys spending time with friends and family, traveling and being active.

“I’ve definitely become more confident in myself and I was really shy and now I’m more talkative. [Being named to the court] helped me see I had more of an influence on people than I thought that I had,” she said.

Hoffman’s escort is Jake Henretta.

Brooke Skarbek, daughter of Kelly and Gregory Skarbek, has been involved in Bible Club, Science Club, Foreign Language Club, Varsity Club, Key Club, PAHS Ambassador, and NHS.

“I get to help the school out, being the people behind helping everyone out,” she said.

Skarbek is also a part of Lady Chucks Softball, Girls Tennis Team, Senior Class Treasurer, Powder Puff Player, Powder Buff cheerleader. “

Skarbek chose to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education. “I’m excited to work with little kids,” she said.

She enjoys camping, hunting, and hammocking. She is a part of The Way Youth Group for the community.

“I’ve definitely learned how to be a friend to those who don’t have one”, Skarbek said.

Skarbek’s escort is Alex Momyer.

Kaylee Guidice, daughter of Michael and Melanie Guidice, is involved in Varsity Club, Ski Club, Foreign Language Club, Bible Club, Mock Trial Club, Student Ambassadors Club, and Student Government. She attends St. Cosmas and Damian Parish for the community. Giudice is also a part of Volleyball, Softball, Powder Puff Player, and Powder Buff cheerleader.

Guidice’s future plans are to go to trade school to become an esthetician and obtain her massage therapy licenses.

“I chose to go to the trade school because I want to work with people, and I want to help people. So, I’m going to to be an esthetician and massage therapist so I can make people feel good about the way that they look and make people feel good,” Guidice said.

She enjoys spending time with friends and family, traveling, and being active.

“I like being involved because I like meeting new people and staying involved with the school and school spirit is always important,” she said.

Guidice’s escort is Carter Savage.