Life of a Teacher Through a Student’s Eyes

Kaylee Guidice, Photographer

Entrance to Mr. Shenkle’s Room
Each day Punxsutawney teacher, Mr. Shenkle, starts his day in this room. He teaches a variety of classes to help students thrive in these specific courses.
Mr. Shenkle socializes with other teachers
Before first period, Shenkle socializes with his fellow teachers. They discuss the day and what kind of action they will take through the day.


As Mr. Shenkle waits, he reviews his plans.
As students arrive into the room, Shenkle reviews his plans and online work. He gets ready to lead his classroom and prepares his kids for a long period of work.
Shenkle gives direction to the students.
As class progresses, Mr. Shenkle walks around to see how the kids are doing. He gives directions and makes sure they students are fully understanding the work he assigns.
Shenkle works with the groups.
Mr. Shenkle works individually with small groups within the classroom. He works to make sure the students are on task, while also adding any input he may have.
Shenkle participates in discussion.
As the students work, Mr. Shenkle makes an effort to work with them. He participates in discussions and listens to the students various opinions.
Shenkle checks over students work.
As the students add different elements to their project, Mr, Shenkle checks over them. He ensures that students are doing their work properly, and that everything looks professional.
Mr. Shenkle reviews the project.
After the students work, Shenkle was asked to add input. Here, he thinks about what improvements could be made in order to make the project the best it could be.
Shenkle gives directions from his desk.
Although sitting at his desk, Shenkle is still engaged with the students. He listens and gives directions from his seat to make sure they are still on task.
Mr, Shenkle discusses class with Mr. Conrad.
After class concluded, Mr. Shenkle stand n hallways. He discusses his class with fellow teacher, Mr. Conrad, and greets students as they walk past in the halls