Spirit Week at PAHS Brings Out Peter Pan

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It’s Homecoming Week at PAHS! With lots of activities and pep rallies it’s a fun week. There’s always something to do! Here are the spirit days this week:

According to Kaylee Guidice, Brooke Skarbek, and Chloe Presloid, themes for spirit day include the following:

Monday- Pan vs Hook: dress up as a superhero or supervillain.

Tuesday- Shadow Day: dress up in the same outfit as someone else.

Wednesday- Color Wars: dress up in your class color.

Thursday- Disney Characters: dress up as your favorite disney character 

Friday- White Out: dress up in a white shirt.

There are going to be incentives for participating in Spirit Week and at the end of the school year, whoever gets the most points wins a big prize!

    The best theme that Guidice, Skarbek, and Presloid picked is Disney Characters or Color Wars. They ask that all people in the school participate in spirit week.