Senior Inspiring Others to Make Their Voice Heard


Submitted by Mrs. Knepper

Michaela Meeks preforms at the Coffee House along side Rosalee Shaffer.

Michaela Meeks juggles homework, rehearsals/performing, hanging with friends and finding time to practice new lyrics and vocals.

Meeks sometimes finds it difficult to fit everything into her daily schedule.

Recently Meeks performed one of her songs at PAHS’s Coffee House. This is just one of many ways Meeks is making her passion heard. 

Meeks started singing from a very young age and does it all the time, in the hallways, in class and even with her family. She’s participated in choir/music classes since fourth grade. 

She struggled with fitting in when her voice stood out.

Michaela encourages everyone around her to do the same.

“You can do anything, you just have to try.” Meeks said.

Meeks inspires to do and make new things such as trying to create an album, learn new songs on the ukulele and guitar, and just simply help others around her improve. 

Michaela will go onto attending IUP invitations and District Choir in February. After school, her goals consist of becoming an English teacher and learning to play a little banjo and bass.