PAHS Chorus holds annual spring concert

The PAHS chorus concert was held on May 5th in the high school auditorium. The concert showcased about 125 students.

According to seniors Winter Campbell and Ian Douglas, family members of chorus students were also allowed to attend the concert.

“Mostly just our families. That’s about it,” senior Winter Campbell said.

“I know it was just close family of the participants,” senior Ian Douglas said.

The chorus concert had restrictions. The restriction was to wear a mask and stay away from people within three feet. Director Erin Knepper said that they used masking tape to show the students where to stand to keep social distance.

“You have to have your own space. You couldn’t be in anyone else’s space. Even when you moved up, we had to make sure we were far enough apart but close enough to hear each other. But that wasn’t that big of a deal and then keep your mask on, that was about it, “ Campbell said.

“Stay three feet apart, social distance, and no breathing on each other and masks had to be up,” junior Jananne Yeager said.

The concert didn’t stream online because the choir did not have the rights to stream it. They would have had to get permission from the people who own the song.

“It was open to family members. We did not stream it online because you have to secure, special rights to be able to record and share it over social media. Because all of the different songs, all the different composers of the different songs have to give their permission and we have to pay for those rights, this year we decided to see if we could have family members come to listen. We decided not to do a recording or stream the concert. We just did the live performance,” Knepper said.

According to Yeager, they were happy to be able to have an audience to show how hard they worked.
“It is a very fun experience and many of us shed tears, but it is something we had to do,” Yeager said.

“It was wonderful to be able to sing together and to share with an audience. I’m so glad we were able to do that this year,” Knepper said.