Senior Bequeathals 2020-2021


Photo by Zachary Olson on Unsplash.

Before any of us went to school at PAHS, the Shadow had annual publications known as “Senior Bequeathals.” In these publications, seniors would pass down – or bequeath – an item or aspect of themselves to an underclassman. It was a way for the graduating class to express themselves, as well as spread inside jokes. Unfortunately, to the best of our knowledge, Senior Bequeathals were discontinued at the end of the 2008-09 school year.

Now, twelve years later, we decided to bring them back. Here they are:

I, Louise Bennett, bequeath my passive aggressive humor to Lauren Brauer.

I, Winter Campbell, bequeath my gym clumsiness to Kennedy Vest.

I, Ian Douglas, bequeath my theatrical extravagance to Zack Stiver.

I, Kameron Falgout, bequeath giving up nine unearned runs to Isaac London.

I, Elliott Ferrent, bequeath falling down the stairs to Laci Poole.

I, Ben Fezell, bequeath my height to Adin Bish.

I, Carter Kuntz, bequeath my broken sense of humor to Alexia Matts.

I, Branson Scarantine, bequeath my honorary dirty, food-filled Ziplock bag to Jacob Henretta.

I, Braxton Sherry, bequeath my honorary homeroom Push-Pop to Brandt Willis Sherry.

I, Madi Shiock, bequeath my clumsiness to Chloe Presloid.

I, Lizzy Sikora, bequeath my Art room closet shelf to my brother, Jake Sikora.

I, Brock Alan Siple, bequeath my Extra Wide Egg Noodles in Mrs. Laney’s homeroom to Ezekiel Shane Bennett.

I, Lindsey Mikayla Small, bequeath the All-Purpose Flour in Mrs. Laney’s homeroom to my brother, Garrett Small.

I, Zabrina Snyder, bequeath my red face to Elma “Elmo” Yoder.

I, Chloe Sproull, bequeath wearing red Vans on volleyball game days to Emily Dobbins.

I, Raven Steel, bequeath my creativity to Blue Berkhimer.

I, Shania Winebark, bequeath my advice to live your high school life to the fullest to the underclassmen.

We, Michael Frantz and Destiny Yeager, bequeath the Art room desk to Laura Rittenhouse.