PAHS junior opens her own small business


submitted by Maeve Hanley

Some of Hanley’s customers sent her pictures of them enjoying their new crewnecks.

On February 3rd, 2021, junior Maeve Hanley posted her first image on her Instagram account
maevescustomcrewnecks. Since then, she has gained 173 followers of her Instagram page and posted almost two dozen crewnecks and custom orders.

Amy Poole, who has known Hanley since they were little kids, said that Hanley has always been creative. Poole was the first person to receive a crewneck from Hanley’s shop as a “nice gift.”

“She comes up with the designs, and she plans everything else,” Poole said, adding that she has only heard good things about Hanley’s small business and people think “it’s pretty cool.”

Poole said the business started as a fun hobby for Hanley to do, but it “amazes” Poole just how creative Hanley is even though Poole has known it for a long time.

Tyley Elliott, who has been friends with Hanley since before they were in kindergarten, agreed with Poole, saying that Hanley has always been “very artistic and crafty.”

Elliott said Hanley has been known to make creative signs for her friends, including when she made a sign for Poole that had her favorite candy writing out a message.

“She enjoys expressing herself,” Elliott said, “she’s like my sister.”

Hanley said the first time she made a sweatshirt was a matching one for her and Poole. She said she then thought that she might be able to sell them, so she began buying crewnecks and coming up with designs.

She said most of her orders come from Punxsy, and everyone that has bought them “seems to love them.” She added that crewnecks take her roughly 45 minutes to make with 30 minutes to cut and sew them and 15 for her logo and design.

Hanley said that she does not currently have the finances to keep buying crewnecks and printing material, but if she keeps selling them, she might be able to grow her business.

As for advice for other small business owners, Hanley said you have to stay optimistic.

“There’s always one design that no one is going to like, but you have to continue on and not let it get you down,” Hanley said.

To check Hanley’s crewnecks out, search maevescustomcrewnecks on Instagram.