Homecoming Court to be crowned in Barclay Square


by Louise Bennett

The 2020 Queen’s Court {L to R} Elliott Ferrent, Ryley Casaday, Madison Barr, Izabella Martino, Elizabeth Sikora, and Murphy White pose for a picture under Coronavirus guidelines.

On Saturday, September 26th, at 6:00 P.M. the Homecoming royalty will be crowned in Barclay Square. Madison Barr, Ryley Casaday, Elliott Ferrent, Elizabeth Sikora, Izabella Martino, and Murphy White were nominated by their senior class for the 2020 Homecoming Queen’s Court.

Due to COVID-19, Homecoming will not be held in the cafeteria as it is most years because it is not a school-sponsored event. Instead, it will take place on September 26th at Gobbler’s Knob from 7:30-10:30 P.M.

Madison Barr, daughter of Sam and Kathi Barr, has participated in band throughout high school from serving as Drum Major to Commanding Officer of the band. She said band is so involved in her life that she has absolutely no idea where she would be without it.

“I have definitely learned a lot – not just about music – but about people. It’s [band] everyone that can find joy in music,” Barr said. She added that it has helped her branch out of her comfort zone in a good way. When she is not participating in the band, she said she enjoys photography.

Her future plans are to attend college for an undecided major, and Barr said her plans range from starting a photography business to becoming an English teacher. She said she is unsure what path she will choose, but she knows she loves photography. Barr’s escort is Daniel Kunselman.

Ryley Casaday, granddaughter of Jean Casaday, has been involved in Student Council since eighth grade, and she currently serves as the Executive Board President.

“I think it is important, especially with the given circumstances [COVID-19],” Casaday said,” to have someone creative.” She said that she has learned a lot of good skills through Student Council from managing her extracurricular activities to staying organized.

Her future plans are to attend college in Pittsburgh where she will major in Marketing and Advertising with a minor in graphic design. She said business has always interested her and graphic design would allow her to use her creative side. She said it would be “a blend of everything” she enjoys and would be much more fun than an office job. Casaday’s escort is John Mizerock.

Elliott Ferrent, daughter of Lenny and Jeanie Ferrent, said in her free time she enjoys spending time with her softball and volleyball teammates and hanging out with Kendal Johnston in Walmart or Sheetz parking lot. Ferrent has been involved in softball and volleyball throughout high school, and she said they are both a major part of her high school experience.

“It made me have to be a leader and be more confident in myself,” Ferrent said, adding there are many people she would not have met or talked to if it had not been for softball. She said meeting new people has helped her get out of her comfort zone and become closer to her best friend.

Her future plans are to attend college for a four-year degree and then attend law school. She said people have always said she would make a good lawyer because she argues her points well, and she talks in a way that makes people listen to her. She said she thinks that going to law school will be a struggle but going for a four-year degree first will help prepare her for the future. Ferrent’s escort is Kameron Falgout.

Izabella Martino, daughter of Rose and Johnny Martino, spends time helping with the organization Dash for Diabetes. She said her mom’s friend, Kelly Nichole, started the organization and asked her family to help. Martino said it is important because they are raising money for people who need it and showing them that they care.

Her future plans are to attend Clarion University to major in early childhood education.

“I love kids,” Martino said, “and I want to help them get into the future and start on a good path while they are young.” She said her sister goes to Clarion so she has been there multiple times and feels like the school takes good care of you. She said she hopes to be able to teach preschool to second-grade students after getting her degree. Martino’s escort is Braxton Sherry.

Elizabeth Sikora, daughter of Ranée and Joseph Sikora, has been a Company Member of The Mahoning Valley Ballet for 14 years. She said it has made her a hard worker and helped her be able to prioritize things. She also said she would not have the same personality that she does now if she did not have dance.

Her future plans are to attend college to major in Marketing and to travel.

“I have one hundred and one careers picked out that I want to do with my life,” Sikora said. Although, she said Marketing is interesting because she loves the idea of working with other people and getting the opportunity to travel. She said her dream locations to travel to are Bali or Italy. Sikora’s escort is Mason Johnston.

Murphy White, daughter of Ben and Jenny White, has participated in volleyball throughout high school and currently serves as one of the co-captains.

“Volleyball was one of the best parts of my high school experience so I want all the underclassmen to feel like it can be the best part of theirs,” White said. She said if she did not have volleyball, she would not have many of the relationships she currently has with her teammates because they aren’t in the same groups in school. She said, overall, volleyball has helped her form better relationships and closer bonds.

Her future plans are to attend college to become a Registered Nurse and to travel the world. White said she wants to help people, and while being in the hospital isn’t fun, she hopes that as a nurse she can be a bright spot in her patients’ day. She said that she wants to accomplish traveling before settling down and having a nine-to-five job because she wants to experience new cultures. She added she is grateful to be on Homecoming Court with “all these beautiful ladies.” White’s escort is Evan Giroskey.