Winter and Ian crowned 2021 prom king and queen


Submitted by Jaime Sherry

Winter and Ian pose for a picture as Prom King and Queen

Loud music and lots of dancing was how the PAHS Juniors and Seniors, along with the Class of 2020, celebrated the almost end of another school year on Saturday May 1st. The dance was not school affiliated and was run by several mothers of some students.

As usual, students voted for Prom King and Queen. Jaime Sherry, who was in charge of the dance, said that the voting process was the same as past years. According to her, Patti Fallara had the students vote in school, and then she sealed up the results to give to Class President Louise Bennett to open during the Prom.

Sherry said when it was time to announce the 2021 and 2020 Prom Kings and Queens, Bennett read the results while Kaitlin Brauer and Chloe Sproull, Winter Queen’s Court Queen and Princess, crowned the Queens and Daniel Kunselman and Alec Depp crowned the Kings.

“The crowns for the Queens were donated by Paul Beatty Jewelers and the Crowns for the Kings were purchased on Amazon,” Sherry said.

Ian Douglas was announced 2021 Prom King and Winter Campbell 2021 Prom Queen. From the Class of 2020, Garrison McDivitt was named Prom King and Ivy Fisher Prom Queen.

Campbell and Douglas both commented on how surprised they were when they won.

“Shock went through my mind,” Douglas said. “Right before they said my name, I told her we weren’t gonna get it.”

“I looked at him and said, ‘We’re not gonna get it, but it doesn’t matter. We are having fun.’ And then they ended up calling our names,” Campbell said. “We didn’t think anyone voted for us. We knew of a couple, but we didn’t think everyone did. It was very unexpecting.”

Douglas said they haven’t done anything as far as celebration but plan to sometime in the near future.