Girls Track Team starts season strong


Submitted by Coach Koppenhaver

The girls track team after the meet.

Girls Track started practicing on Monday, March 8th.

The girl’s track and field has been working on discus, javelin, hurdle, short-distance, and long-distance.

Coach John Synder and Coach Ann Koppenhaver said that the season will be good this year.

“I think we going to have really good season. Our numbers are pretty good. We have just under forty girls and we have a lot that are coming back from a very good district team from 2019. We will be very competitive against the rest of the district’s teams but looking forward to getting started on Friday.” John Synder said.

“Good! I hope I think it’s going to be a great season,” Ann Koppenhaver said.

Snyder said that meets are going to look at little different this year.

“Meets-wise we are going to have a lot more duels, tris, quads, rather than the big invites. They are not gonna happen as much. Things can change a little bit for districts and states in the fact that they’re gonna separate when the days are that we will be competing, but that’s all kinda still in the works. They are trying to get things worked out figured out for that right now at this state level and the district level,” John Synder said.

During COVID-19, girls track and field also had their restrictions during this season. They don’t go to big meets this time of year because of COVID. Although, this year is still very competitive.

“It’s going to be better than last year. It’s gonna feel a little different just with the masks and regulations that are out there, but for the most part. Just out there running.” Coach Emily Waggoner said.

“We don’t get to go to as many invitationals or big meets. We have to wear masks and we have to stay far away. We might not have as many families and spectators, so it will be a little different. We’ll still be outside competing” Ann Koppenhaver said.

After the meet ends, they clean the materials for the discus and javelin and they wipe it with disinfecting wipes.

Although runners enjoy being a part of the team, some people like to be competitive individuals in the sport. The sport is very competitive when it comes to running. According to Synder, there are about thirty-six participants in girls track and field.

“Right now I think we’re allowing all spectators , our numbers are good enough that you know, each of the kids’ parents are going to be allowed to come if they have other family members who want to come and watch too. Things can change, as of right now at our home meets everyone gonna be allowed to have their family there and friends,” Synder said.
Tickets are not required to attend a track meet.

“Go chucks!” Emily Waggoner said.