Kunselman and Sproull open conservative Etsy shop

In the beginning of the year, seniors Daniel Kunselman and Chloe Sproull opened a shop on Etsy to express their beliefs.

Their business’ name is DCApparelShop, and they sell clothing that is politically “right-leaning,” according to Kunselman.

“All of our designs are conservative sayings or quotes,” Sproull said. “We wanted to produce a product for that group of people [conservatives] because that’s what Danny and I believe in.”

According to Kunselman, DCApparelShop sells long-sleeve shirts with various conservative sayings, such as “‘Support Coal Mining’” and “‘Patriot.’” There are also three-quarter sleeves, masks, T-shirts, etc.

Due to America’s current political division, Kunselman and Sproull said they strive to advocate positivity.

“A lot of people who produce stuff,” Sproull said, “it’s all negative and tearing down the other side, per se. But – Danny and I have talked about this – we want to be more positive-related.”

As of now, DCApparelShop does not advertise, but there are plans to start an account on social media.

“We had Madi Barr take photos of a few people wearing our clothing,” Kunselman said. “That way we can start a social media [page].”

Kunselman and Sproull said they have some customers who attend our school.

Senior Braxton Sherry said he has purchased from DCApparelShop before.

“I have a shirt that I bought, it says ‘Support Coal Mining,’” Sherry said. “My dad’s a coal miner, so I thought it was nice.” Sherry said he has spread the word about DCApparelShop on social media.

“It’s definitely good to see the positivity that people have been spreading,” Sproull said. “Especially in a time like now, I think that’s what people really need.”