Brauer and Sproull announced as 2021 Queen and Princess


submitted by Chloe Sproull

Princess Chloe Sproull (left) with her escort Daniel Kunselman stands for a picture with Queen Kaitlin Brauer (right) and her escort Braden Mohney. The crowns were donated by Paul Beatty Jewelers and Varsity Club bought the flowers for the girls.

The Winter Formal Court assembly held on February 12, was short, but the Princess and Queen were announced.

During the assembly, the Senior Class President, Louise Bennett, announced the Court. The Court and escorts were Kaitlin Brauer and Braden Mohney, Bella Dienes and Mason Johnston, Jadyn McMahan and Aiden McLaughlin, Eliza Neal and Alec Depp, Chloe Sproull and Daniel Kunselman, and Sarah Yeates and Logan Storms.

The Queen was Kaitlin Brauer and the Princess was Chloe Sproull.

“I think the assembly went very well. I was very happy for Chloe and Katie and all of the girls were absolutely amazing,” Bennett said.

“I announced the bios for the court, and I opened the envelopes to announce who won the Queen and Princess then the girls were given the tiaras from Paul Beatty Jewellers,” Bennett said.

There were not a lot of people at the assembly, and the people that were there were mainly family members.

“I don’t know how many students were at the assembly. It was court and family members. In the gym, roughly 96 people were there. That is the max people that can be there,“ Bennett said.

There was also a video recognizing the seniors in winter sports.

“Prior to the Court, the seniors were recognized in a video played in homerooms,” Bennett said.

The Winter formal was held at Flashover club on February 13.

“The Flashover club was really nice. The area for the dance was really big. I have to say it was one of my favorites,” Bennett said.

A lot of people were there and it was known that if you did not have a mask on, then you had an exempt excuse.

“If you were not wearing a mask, it was assumed that you had a medical condition.” Bennett said.