Variety Show 2021: What’s it going to look like?


Braden Mohney

Madison Barr and Jenna Diem have been chosen as the 2021 Variety Show Directors.

COVID-19 never ceases to find a way to put a damper on school activities, whether that be Homecoming, Powderpuff, or even a sports game. Unfortunately for seniors, the Variety Show seems to be the next act to fall victim to the virus.

While the Coronavirus will make it impossible to have a “traditional” show, the leadership and senior class are still trying to make this year as close to a normal one as possible, even with the numerous roadblocks and hindrances that come with the virus.

When asked how she felt about the current state of the rules and restrictions everyone had to abide by, advisor Alicia Weaver acknowledged the seniors’ frustration but also gave a positive outlook on the situation.

“In all honesty it is disappointing and a little frustrating, but this is important to your class and us as a school and even as a community, so we don’t want to be the year that it ends,” Weaver said.

When it comes to keeping the students “in the know” about updates and information regarding the Variety Show, Christina Young, who is a program committee advisor, said that they plan to use Canvas as their main avenue of communication with large numbers of students. Young went on to say that whenever students are broken down into their respective committees, students and their advisors will be able to meet in person.

Unfortunately for the students, the Variety Show won’t be able to have a live audience this year. With the COVID guidelines of 10% capacity, which is 87 people in the auditorium, there isn’t nearly enough room for all the acts, stage crew, and audience members.

Advisor Heather Good said that they are planning on recording each act separately, then combining them into one large video. They will then livestream the video during the times that the Variety Show would normally take place.

With the current capacity restriction, the problem of paying the advisors also comes into question. According to Young, the program committee planned to make pamphlets as a way to bring in revenue.

“What they’re thinking maybe this year is to try and create a program that is more student focused as opposed to like the business ads and sell it as more of like a memoir,” Young said. “Then run the actual business ads during the show, kind of like a commercial”.

Senior Louise Bennett said that everyone should still participate in the Variety Show even though it will be different this year, and she added that students “only get to be in their Variety Show once”, and should take the chance to be a part of it.

“One hundred percent I think that in some capacity, even if you don’t want to be on stage, you should participate in the Variety Show,” Bennett said. “Even though it’s going to look different than normal, I think that every person that can help come up with ideas of things we can do is really needed. Ultimately, I think what it really comes down to is this is really the last time you get to get together with your whole graduating class and have a last hurrah of sorts, and I think it’s really important to be a part of.”

The Variety Show is tentatively scheduled for April 15, 16, and 17.