A hobby turned to jewelry business

Contains hand picked and dried flowers incased into a heart shape.

What started as a hobby turned into a business for senior Nova Raymond. As she learned and started experimenting with resin, clay, and wire, she found herself creating objects which turned into jewelry. She officially started her business in October and named it Jupiterjewelryco.

“During quarantine, I bought some resin and started playing with it and I got better at it, and I was like ‘man I like doing this, I wanna keep doing this’”.

She said everything is mostly hand picked and dried herself. According to Raymond, all of her items are extremely lightweight and will not weigh your ears down.

Her main platforms that she has been selling on are Instagram and Facebook. Others who have bought from her have also talked to her directly or through mutual friends about the items she sells.

Sarah Pack, a teacher at PAHS, said she had bought from Nova recently.

“I have Nova in class and she told me about her business,” Pack said. “And then in a conversation with Mrs. Young, she let me know that Nova had some of her items in her room for sale.”

Senior Rachel Sharp also buys from Jupiterjewelryco and said that she found out about Nova’s business by watching her make and bring some of her items to school and post it on social media.

Raymond said she hopes to continue her business after graduating and make it grow.

“I definitely want to grow it by maybe starting my own physical shop someday, taking it to flea markets, and having an online store,” Raymond said.

Pack also commented on the potential of growth for the business.

“She’s got all the set up and cute packaging. She just needs to start doing craft fairs or different booths at festivals and maybe even start an Etsy store. That would be a great place for her. Her stuff is super cute and I really think she has the potential to grow her business.”

Raymond said her future plans include expanding her business and becoming a tattoo artist because of her love for art.