Winter Queen’s Court to be crowned at PAHS


Louise Bennett

Queen’s Court Members {L to R} Kaitlin Brauer, Bella Dienes, Eliza Neal, Sarah Yeates, Chloe Sproull, and Jadyn McMahan brave the cold to get a group picture in the PAHS Courtyard.

On Friday, February 12th, the Winter Queen and Princess will be crowned in the PAHS Chuck Daly Memorial Gymnasium. The seniors nominated Kaitlin Brauer, Bella Dienes, Jadyn McMahan, Eliza Neal, Chloe Sproull, and Sarah Yeates to this year’s formal court.

Kaitlin Brauer, daughter of Dana and Jim Brauer, is currently an Office Helper and is a member of the High Honor Roll. She said she enjoys activities from making candles to spending time with her family.

“I really like spending time with my family. We just like to do weird things. Last weekend, we did a Bob Ross paint off, we are all really talented, so it was fun,” Brauer said.

Brauer plans on attending IUP for her first two years of college and then continuing at the Indiana campus for the next two years to get a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting. Throughout high school, Brauer enjoyed taking Accounting I and II so she thought she “might as well give it a try.” She said IUP was an obvious choice because she can stay home for the first two years.

“I wanted to go somewhere closer,” Brauer said, “so I wouldn’t have to travel as much from school to work to home.” She currently works at Walmart, where she said she plans to continue to work while she works toward her degree. Her escort is Braden Mohney.

Bella Dienes, daughter of Paul and Tennelle Dienes and Sherry Laurenza, has been involved in Marching, Concert, and Jazz Band, as well as Select Ensemble, Drama Club, Foreign Language Club, and is currently a Drum Major to the band. She said music is important to her and has made her who she is.

“There’s no doubt about it. I would not be the me I am today without music,” Dienes said, adding that music has been everything she has worked for since she was seven years old.

Dienes plans to continue to pursue music by attending Westminster College for Music Education. She said she wants to help kids find themselves through music.

“I want to share my music with the world,” Dienes said, “and help kids just like my music teachers have helped me.” In her free time, she enjoys playing instruments and learning new languages. Her escort is Mason Johnston.

Jadyn McMahan, daughter of Mike and Sherri McMahan, has been involved with Girls’ Tennis, Track and Field, Bible Club, Foreign Language Club, and Future Health Services. She said being involved in these extracurricular activities have helped her grow as a person.

“I have always been a shy person but being in those activities has helped me realize there is more than just being quiet and shy,” McMahan said.

McMahan is also a volunteer at One Life Church and Lisa’s Ladybugs Patient Care Fund. She said volunteering has helped her realize she wants to attend a four-year college to major in nursing.

“I really like helping people, and if they need anything, I always want to be there for them,” McMahan said, continuing on to say that it is so important to let the people in the fund know “they are not alone.” Her escort is Aiden McLaughlin.

Eliza Neal, daughter of Stefanie and Terry Neal Jr., has been involved in Softball, Key Club, Art Club, Drama Club, and Volleyball, where she has been both a Co-Captain and President. Neal said playing Volleyball has made her high school experience “so much better.”

“The team is such a tight-knit community that if I ever need something or want to talk to somebody, I have a team of people I can talk to,” Neal said, adding that volleyball has given her many skills that she could relate to some of her other classes.

Neal plans to attend Penn State Dubois for two years and then transfer to the main campus because she will save money by living at home instead of paying for a dorm. She said she isn’t sure of which major she will choose.

“I don’t know but probably something in the science field. There are so many different options in so many different areas that it gets hard to pick one,” Neal said. Her escort is Alec Depp.

Chloe Sproull, daughter of John and Penny Sproull, has been involved in the National Honor Society, where she currently serves as Treasurer, Student Council, Future Health Services, Varsity Club, and Volleyball. She was also one of the Volleyball Co-Captains this year. She said she doesn’t plan on playing again but still hopes to be involved.

“I think it would be awesome to coach someday, whether is is for the school or for a club team,” Sproull said.

She currently works at Tee-Riffik, her parents’ t-shirt store in Big Run. In the future, she plans to continue to work there and hopefully own it one day with her parents.

“It’s my parents’ legacy, and I love doing it with my parents,” Sproull said, continuing on to say that spending time with her parents is her favorite part of working there. She said working there during last year’s quarantine made her realize how important it is to her and her parents. Her escort is Daniel Kunselman.

Sarah Yeates, daughter of Gary and Jennifer Yeates, is involved in Drama Club, Jazz Band, and is also a member of the High Honor Roll. Yeates moved to Punxsutawney during her junior year and really enjoys it here.

“I really like the community a lot. It is much more quiet around here,” Yeates said, adding she will miss it when she moves back to Utah.

Yeates plans on taking Business classes while living with her grandpa in Utah, and one day, major in Entrepreneurship.

“I was thinking maybe sometime in the future, I would hopefully open up my own business,” Yeates said. In her free time, she enjoys reading, watching Doctor Who, and spending time with her family. Her escort is Logan Storms.

The Queen and Princess will be crowned around 2:30 on Friday, and community members can watch it live on the Punxsutawney Area School District YouTube channel. Only those with tickets will be allowed entry to the crowning due to COVID restrictions.