COVID-19 took my senior year


Photo submitted by William Hoover

Class of 2020 unites together.

Almost 13 years ago, we were five years old walking into the first day of kindergarten, hand in hand with our parents, not knowing if it was time to go on our own. On the first day, we were told that we were the class of 2020. At that age I didn’t think it really ever met that much because I didn’t think it would ever come so quickly. In the blink of an eye, I have felt like our last year of high school has rushed upon us. Senior year, the year we have been told would be the absolute best time of our lives.
Growing up we have been through so much. Making friendships that could fade the next year and friendships that could last a lifetime. Having teachers that we could make a friendship with and have them watch us grow throughout the next four years. Having opportunities to become a part of a sport or a club and making unbreakable bonds with your teammates or friends. Going to homecoming, sporting events and being in the student section, pep rallies, and so much more.
Senior year is the last of all those things. Senior year has already been a year full of unknowns. The last time that we could have the chance to make those memories with our very best friends. The time we have waited for as we watch our older relatives or friends go through these 4 years. But for the class of 2020, that time is being cut short.
CoronaVirus, or COVID-19, is a pandemic that is having a horrific effect on the world. And it is affecting us by shorting our senior year. Yes, we have gotten to experience a lot of things but the end still matters. The end is the variety show, our last prom, our senior trips, the elementary walk, graduation, and saying our final goodbyes to the hallways we may never walk again.
“I’m extremely upset that the virus will most likely cancel the school year and some of the fun events, such as prom, variety show, and graduation,” said senior Madison Lorelli. “It’s crazy to think that after 12 years in school, I may not be able to make these once in a lifetime memories with my friends”.
The times we look forward to since the day we started school could be taken from us within the snap of a finger. Yes, we all are trying to make the most of this crazy situation happening in the world. But it is an upsetting thing to have this special time possibly be ripped from us.
“I hope that we get a chance to roam those halls again, because as much as all of us said we wanted to graduate and leave, none of us expected to leave the second week of March,” said class president Taegan Ludwig.
As a senior in the class of 2020, I firsthand am heartbroken that I may not get to experience the rest of my lasts with my classmates.To my class, we grieve together. But we will make it through this, make the most of all the time we had. Cherish the memories that we’ve made.
Be there for us, hold our hands through this all. This is a very hard thing. We would do anything to experience these last few moments as students and a class before we leave.