It Started With a “Hello”


by Madi Fye

The very first “hello”.

School can be boring, no doubt about it. Especially when we come back from Christmas break and we’re all in massive slumps. So, how do teenagers entertain themselves? By putting sticky notes on windows.

On Wednesday, January 8th, students began to spell words using sticky notes. It began with a “hello” in Mrs. Lainey’s room, 131. Then, on Thursday, students saw this and added a “Much Love” in Mr. Ambler’s room, 224. As the day went by, students continued to add different sayings to the courtyard.

Mr. Tygert and Mrs. Garritano added a “Hola” to the spanish hallway window. Then, an “Okay Boomer!” appeared on Friday. By the end of the week, almost every classroom with courtyard-views had a sticky-note message on it.

In ten years, when our kids ask us what we did in school, we can say, “Oh, you know…put sticky notes on the teacher’s windows.”