Netflix’s After was the teen romance movie of 2019


Hardin and Tessa argue in class over the representation in Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.

If you like teen romance movies, then After is the movie for you. It was available on Netflix in April of this year, but I never got around to watching it. After finally watching the movie, I wish I would not have waited to watch this show. Hardin and Tessa have one of the best versions of a teenage love story, which is everything I love in a movie.

After is a romantic-drama film adapted from the 2014 novel, “After,” written by Anna Todd. Tessa has been what her mother wants her to be her whole life, until college. Tessa has the perfect boyfriend and the perfect life, but when she sees into another world, will she see perfect the same way again?

If Tessa is the good girl, then Hardin is definitely her bad boy. Hardin doesn’t believe in love, but Tessa is a hopeless romantic. They are looking at life through two different perspectives until they learn to see with one, an example being the way they view Pride and Prejudice. As Hardin starts believing in love, will he keep Tessa close or push her away? Will Tessa be willing to leave her long-term boyfriend for Hardin?

This movie breaks your heart in all the right places just to fill those places up again. This story makes you believe in love and longing in a unique way. I think this movie makes an accurate depiction of the way people change over time. Some people change constantly, while others take more time to catch up, and some never catch up at all. I recommend watching this movie to find out which Tessa is and which Hardin is.