History Is All You Left Me leaves readers with more than history


"Adam Silvera" by ALA - The American Library Association

History is All You Left Me, written by Adam Silvera, follows Griffin through love and loss. When Griffin’s ex-boyfriend, Theo, unexpectedly dies, Griffin is left trying to piece together everything that happened and everything that went wrong.

Griffin broke up with Theo before Theo moved from New York to California to go to his dream college. He graduated a year early, and he was going to follow his dreams. Griffin’s biggest fear was their relationship holding Theo back, so he broke up with him.

Theo promised Griffin he would never die, but that was before his drowning accident and the fateful phone call. Griffin never doubted that Theo would come back to him, but when Theo started dating Jackson, Griffin wasn’t so sure anymore.

All Theo left Griffin was their history, and Griffin begins losing himself trying to piece everything together. Griffin has many questions that will forever go unanswered since Theo’s death. Griffin navigates his way through Theo’s death, life, and all the things that remained between them.

This book is definitely one to add to your “to-read list”. It is heartbreaking in the best way, and Silvera’s writing skills do not go unnoticed in this book. It is the perfect mixture of heartbreak, longing, grief, and love. This book will make you laugh out loud, cry with Griffin, and remember how much you love those around you.