Toy Story 4: The end of an era


Photo by Zakaria Ahada on Unsplash

Toy Story 4’s reputation precedes it, which it must live up to, and it has.

In true Disney fashion, the Toy Story saga has been the perfect mix of melancholy, satisfaction, and moments that could warm a frozen heart.

When Woody sees Bo Peep’s light in an antique shop, our story begins. Woody has longed for Bo Peep since she was given away years prior by Andy’s sister, and they are finally united again. But when a doll in the antique shop takes Forky, Bonnie’s favorite toy, Woody makes it his mission to get him back.

In this movie, the toys come together one last time to defeat Gabby Gabby, a broken doll, who has never experienced the love of a child.

I’ll have to admit I was skeptical if this movie was going to live up to its predecessors, but I can say with utmost confidence that it does.

Toy Story 3 seemed like the perfect ending to an age-old story. Andy was leaving for college, and he gave his toys to Bonnie, which seems like the perfect ending. But it wasn’t. Toy Story 4 is the ending that none of us knew we needed.

From the glisten in Woody’s eyes to Forky’s fuzzy arms, the cinematography of this movie is beautiful. In 1995, Pixar Animation Studios and Disney broke through a barrier by producing Toy Story, which was the first fully computer-animated feature film, and they continue to break barriers with this movie. The Toy Story saga is one we have grown up with, and now we have gotten needed closure.

Toy Story 4 was the perfecting ending to a twenty-four-year-old story. Can Woody save Forky? Will Bo Peep and Woody be separated again? Will you cry during this movie? Watch Toy Story 4 and find out, it will not be a waste of time.