Euphoria: The internal teenage struggle


Gage Skidmore from Creative Commons

Zendaya sits on a panel at Comic Con for Spiderman: Homecoming, a year before filming for Euphoria.

Rue Bennett is a junior in high school and a drug addict. After getting sent to rehab the summer before junior year, Rue returns home and to her old habits, which tend to die hard. Her first party back she meets Jules.

Jules becomes Rue’s partner in crime throughout the entirety of the first season. While Rue and Jules are a kind of their own, so are all of their friends. After Nate Jacobs begins flirting with Jules, everything goes downhill from there. The girls set out to find out what is going on and try to find out if Nate is extorting Jules, all the while Rue struggles to stay sober.

Rue has been using drugs since her dad got sick, and she has been using them well after he died. Rue’s life is quickly changing from being in rehab to starting her junior year. Will those changes be the cause of Rue staying clean or just another part of her downfall?

Everything about this show is strangely stunning, which is what makes it absolutely beautiful. From the glitter makeup to the colored lights to the soundtrack full of feels, this show is bound to leave you mesmerized.

This binge-worthy show keeps the viewer’s attention until the very end. The first season is made up of eight, hour-long episodes, which can be watched on HBO. Euphoria has been renewed for Season 2, and it’s release date is still a mystery just like Rue’s sobriety.