PAHS Student Council and Band donate to local organizations

Members of Student Council present Lacy Bair with check for Make-A-Wish

Punxsutawney Area High School’s Student Council and Band participated in the season of giving by donating money to three local organizations.

Student Council donated a total of $3,504 raised from this year’s Powder Puff game to Make-A-Wish, Lisa’s Ladybugs, and Leslie’s Closet, and Band gave a donation of $500 to Make-A-Wish.

Student Council’s advisor, Mrs. Lainey, said they split up the donation between the three organizations.

Make-A-Wish is an organization that grants the wishes of children who have been diagnosed with a critical illness. Student Council gave them a donation of $1,000, and Band gave a donation of $500.

Lisa’s Ladybugs is a care fund that provides donations and assistance to those who have been diagnosed with cancer, and they received $1,252 from Student Council.

Leslie’s Closet is a school organization that provides students with personal items, clothing, and other necessities. They were given also $1,252 from Student Council.

Lainey said the amount of donation money was greater than the amount raised the previous year.

She explained it was partly due to the increase in the amount of players, cheerleaders, and coaches who participated. Participants each pay a fee to take part in Powder Puff.

She also said good weather contributed to a good turnout. Spectators paid an entrance fee to watch the game.

Both the participant and entrance fees were included in the donation to these three organizations.

Student Council gave a check donation to Lisa’s Ladybugs, and Make-A-Wish received a check donation from both Band and Student Council.

For Leslie’s Closet, Student Council was given a list of items such as clothing, personal care items, and backpacks to purchase with the Powder Puff earnings. These items were then donated to Leslie’s Closet.